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gabriel diaz, paella mixta

Gabriel and his Paella

Welcome to the Diaz Family tradition

Tradition is the essence of where Gabriel

gets his inspiration in creating his renowned paellas.  

Gabriel’s ancestry can be traced to Portugal, Spain

and the Philippines.  There, the tradition of cooking

authentic Spanish dishes was passed down

to generations in the Diaz family.


Gabriel’s interest in paellas came from his mother’s

love for cooking dishes from many countries.  

Bita, as her grandchildren fondly remembers her,

put her love into cooking for her family.  


No doubt Gabriel loved his mother’s cooking

and turned that love into a hobby that he

has meticulously crafted over the years.


Every forked portion of Gabriel’s paella is

a memory of love and tradition.  

Gabriel proudly presents authentic Spanish paellas

to your event wherever that may be.


Enjoy the love, enjoy Gabriel’s paellas!


Catering & Events


Gabriel's paella and Spanish cuisine

is available for any event you are hosting; 

family and friend gatherings, corporate events,

birthdays, weddings, and holiday parties.

Wherever your next event is,

Gabriel will come to you!  

His paella is cooked on site and

adds to the festivities of the event.

“Our family gathers around meals prepared with love, and we welcome you to join us.” 

- Gabriel Diaz -

Contact Us / TEL: 415-609-5142

Order a delicious paella for your next occasion or let us help make your event even more special!

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